Pool Parties Forever

Pool Parties Forever

I found myself literally making a splash in beautiful pools all over the world this year, but this one pool party that my girl Bella Hadid invited me to will definitely go down in history as one of the very best! Everyone was there, even my Giant Inflatable Swan cousin! 

Bella Hadid Giant Inflatable Unicorn

Bella's friends were so sweet, and no one could help stop taking selfies with us. Gosh, I do love me a good selfie. I think I look good from any angle! But I always look better when there's a supermodel trying to tame the wild beast that I am. 

Bella Hadid Giant Inflatable Unicorn

Check us out here, just me and the gang!

Giant Inflatable Unicorn

I heard there's gonna be some crazy parties this coming year! Here's to #FLOATYing into 2017!




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Feb 18, 2017 • Posted by gavin


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